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Family Activities

National Education Environmental Foundation Grant

Family Yoga

Partnering with the National Education Environmental Foundation (NEEF) and its Everyday Grant, the Friends of White Tank Park sponsors outdoor family activities at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park. 

Whether it is “downward facing coyote” or “saguaro warrior II,” young yogis and their parents can enjoy both the activity and tranquility of yoga poses under the clear blue White Tank Mountain Regional Park skies alternate Saturdays into April. 


Holistic healthcare provider and yogi Sara Trevino of Your Health, In Your Hands, conducts the 45 minute classes.  Certified as a yoga instructor for both adults and children, Trevino uses yoga poses modified and renamed to teach the children about the animals and plants in the park.  She keeps the children moving and often laughing throughout the session.


Ten-year-old Brooklyn was surprised to learn that owls may play dead in order to protect themselves from predators.  When asked which was the favorite desert animal she learned about, Kennedy gushed, “All of them!” 


The classes are free of charge; but the $6 per automobile gate entry fee applies.  

Luminary Walk

and Halloween Family Party

A party to spark the imagination, have fun, and sneak in some educational learning about our vast array of desert animals and plants. Volunteers set up stations to teach visitors about the desert environment, animals and insects, and habitats. The luminary walk uses all LED battery-powered reusable candles instead of disposable fire-lit candles.




Dutch Oven Cooking

in the Great Outdoors

Learn how a dutch oven can be used in campfire cooking.

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