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Program on Rattlesnakes


Bryan Hughes will be speaking about rattlesnakes in the WTMRP Nature Center classroom at 10:00am on Feb. 13th.  Following is a brief description of Bryan’s program:

Rattlesnakes! Few animals spawn mythology and fish stories like they do. In working with thousands of rattlesnakes and people in the valley, we've heard it all. We'll go through the top 10 bits of popular misinformation, why people think it's true, and the real story behind it. If you have an uncle that swears he saw a giant nest of hybrid rattlers in the mountains in the 70's, bring him. If there's someone in your FB group that always has crazy snake stories every time someone posts a picture, share away. We'll also go over commonly encountered rattlesnake species, and have live Arizona-native rattlesnakes on display. Bring your questions, and we'll see you there!

Bryan Hughes is an amateur herpetologist and photographer in Arizona, and a regular speaker at regional parks and outdoors events. He is also the owner/operator of Rattlesnake Solutions, a snake relocation and education group in Arizona, which relocates 600-900 snakes each year.


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